Sandra Salinas
Sandra Salinas Property
Management, Inc.
Sandra Salinas Property Management was formed in 1992 for the purpose
of managing Homeowner Associations.  Since then Sandra Salinas Property
Management has expanded to management of commercial Co-owner

We are a bonded company that takes pride in their commitment and
expertise in the real estate management industry.  Currently, we manage 13
Commercial Co-owner Associations and 45 Residential Homeowner
Associations with a total of over 2,000 unit owners.  

For more than 20 years our company successfully worked with unit owners
and boards of directors to establish future directions.  This includes both
the physical maintenance and the fiscal solvency of each association.
Moreover, our company has established an excellent reputation with
individual real estate investors and real estate brokers, resulting in one of
Laredo’s best residential and commercial management services.  

Service is our priority.  Whether we are managing residential or commercial
properties, our role is to handle the daily operation.  We implement a
flexible style of management made to suit the individual needs.  Either we
assume the total responsibility for management or assist the board of
directors.  Our services include: maintaining the exterior of the property;
facilitating repairs; managing accounts receivable and payable; collecting
dues; working with attorneys on any legal matter concerning the
association and/or property; generating quarterly reports on income and
expenses; and shall assist the association and/or property owners on the  
acquisition and maintenance of any appropriate insurance for the premises
including the solicitation of bids and the provision of any information or
documents requested by insurers or their agents.

We are familiar with and implement Fair Housing principles to avoid any
perception of illegal discrimination.  Our aggressive marketing challenges
our vendors to provide superior service at competitive rates which are
major keys that improve the bottom line.

Sandra Salinas Property Management, Inc. has provided quality and
conscientious management services to clients.  Our goal is to maintain
communication on all levels in order to establish the needs of the clients
we serve and meet those needs.  Regardless of the size of the property
and the needs of our clients we will design and implement the steps
necessary to maintain property investments and insure the trust of all.

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